Recycling Large Format Media

Save banners going to landfill.

After the job is done and your printed large format media are no longer in use, can you recycle it?

Large format media is tricky, recyclability depends on the substrate type, substrate brand and printing inks used.

You can however make a sustainable choice.  Prints made with the latest Latex inks, printed by Impress are recyclable, returnable, non-hazardous, and safe for disposal.


Paper and 100% Paper Eco Board

Large format papers printed by Impress with Latex Inks, including our 100% paper eco-board, can be recycled through commonly available local waste management and paper recycling schemes that accept mixed paper or liquid-packaging containers (e.g. milk cartons, etc.).


Films, banners, textiles, and canvases

Flexible plastic substrates can be challenging to recycle. Substrates coated with image-receptive and other coatings are not recyclable. But there is a solution… our ‘Take Back’ recycling scheme.

Custom outdoor or indoor banners are a great way of promoting your business or event

Impress Large Format Media ‘Take Back’ Scheme

Our ‘Take Back’ recycling provides our clients with access to responsible recycling via our waste management partners.  We are able to offer recycling for the vast majority of the materials used in the display graphics industry.

Sustainability for Large Format media is an industry-wide issue.  It’s great to foster collaboration and work together with our clients and partners to overcome some important obstacles.

Recycle your Large Format Media

Talk to us, we can collect your large format media for recycling.


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