Digital Gold

Digital Gold

Captivate with metallic

Add beautiful digital gold and metallic effects with our cutting edge Impress digital GOLD technology.

Create beautiful gold and metallic effects even on the shortest of runs which until now, has not been possible.

Our digital GOLD technology is rarely found in the UK, especially with the option to print sheets up to 900 mm long! From solid gold and gold tints, to overlays of gold to create metallic effects, we can make your work stand out from the crowd.


  • Create superb metallic gold effects by printing 100% solid gold
  • Impress digital gold technology can be used to simulate a variety of metallic effects, including copper, bronze, and a wide range of metallic colours
  • Use on virtually any type of corporate, marketing or sales communication ie. certificates, invitations, greeting cards, dust jackets, book covers, adverts, flyers and direct mail
  • Innovative digital gold ink technology creates beautiful products on sheets up to 900 mm long!
  • Enhance both raster, vector art, text and images.


Impress creates prints that are easily recycled, our new gold and metallic print is no exception. No volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are emitted.

We are a Carbon Balanced Publication Printer which means we can help you reduce the carbon impact of your marketing communications. For no extra charge we can Carbon Balance your print job and provide you with a certificate to show you how much carbon you have saved and the number of square meters of high conservation forests you have protected through the World Land Trust.


Talk to us about our FREE swatch book to showcase the different gold effects.



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