Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

Display graphics to make the right impression

Interior and exterior graphic media for display, visual merchandising and brand communication with sustainability.

Whether you’re designing a museum exhibit, your next trade show, promotion, point of sale or a new showroom for HQ,  we can give your brand maximum visibility whilst delivering a full environmental experience from top to bottom.

Ready to connect people to your space, your sign and display graphics will be printed on high quality substrate to get the colour, quality and consistency you expect.  We design and print in-house which is perfect when you need quick turnaround times for that important event.

Latex Water-Based Print Technology

We’re excited to help lead the change in more sustainable large format and signage printing.

  • The ink contains up to 65% water

  • Dries fast

  • Can be rolled immediately after printing

  • Large Format Banner/Media recycling service


The printer and cartridge materials, ink chemistry, printer operation/production, the print itself, print display and the print end of life.

Wait for it… the image and colour quality is excellent too!  Latex inks are scratch resistant compared with eco-solvent inks which are easy to scratch and typically need to be laminated.

Recycle banners and other large format print

The Impress ‘Large Format Banner/Media recycling take back service’ including pallet wrap, is free of charge.  Once your materials are no longer in use please give us a call.

Recyclable Paper Packaging

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