Fast, Efficient Book Production Investment

Perfect Binder triples productivity.

To be more productive and streamline our operations in our bindery department is the most challenging area.  A lot of our work is urgent, has very short deadlines but we want the the flexibility to produce longer runs in-house.

Previously some jobs would be outsourced, and we would need to sit tight for a couple of days for the project to be completed. Straightaway, turnaround times are much shorter and we don’t have to wait.

Mike Kille, Impress Managing Director said:  “We chose to invest in a Horizon HT-80 and run it inline with our Horizon BQ-470 four-clamp perfect binder.  Now work comes off the folder and goes straight onto the Horizon book binding and book trimming line. It is faster and more streamlined.  We can also do everything in-house and we can be confident that we can turn jobs around much quicker with this Horizon investment.”

He continues: “Productivity has jumped up hugely. It has tripled. It’s so much more effective. The new trimmer will continue to help us improve operations and generally be more efficient.

This fast, book production means all jobs can be set up automatically by inputting the untrimmed size and finished size into the intuitive colour touch screen for quick and accurate job changeovers. Books of the same size, but different thickness, can also be trimmed at the same time, for true book off one production.

Book Binding

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