Pallet Wrap Recycling

Responsible and efficient.

We’re taking a close look at the lifecycle of our print, to be sure we’re making the right choices for people and the planet. We’re committed to reducing waste and recycling and that means educating, raising awareness, for things like better recycling infrastructure and take back schemes.

Pallet wrap is typically plastic and we are focussed on reducing the total amount of pallet wrap we use. We’re off to a good start by making it optional for deliveries, however in order to transport a large pallet it is important to be wrapped up to protect the print in transit, keep it dry and stabilise the pallets.


Cut out the plastic, ask us to deliver without pallet wrap.


We’re working with our suppliers on alternative wrapping solutions.


We ‘Take Back’ and responsibly recycle your pallet wrapping.

Pallet wrap shouldn’t end up in landfill

Plastic wrap and strapping is typically not permitted in curbside recycling programs, so our responsible and efficient ‘Take Back’ recycling scheme provides Impress clients with access to responsible recycling via our waste management partners.

What happens to the waste?

Once collected by our waste management company, it’s sorted bailed and shipped to the end recycler.  The waste is then used in injection moulding and manufactured building materials, drainpipes etc.

Let us know if we can recycle your delivery packaging

Impress Print Services will offer to remove and take back your packaging at time of delivery.


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