Our recycled cardboard boat stays afloat!

Following on from our post on Friday, The Green Ninja sailed and survived the Bristol Harbour Festival Cardboard Boat Race.

On Saturday (21st July 2018) Helen and her team raced their handmade cardboard boat.

“What a fun and crazy day.  We survived and couldn’t believe we made it back to shore in one piece!”  Helen said.  “Everyone did amazingly well, many boats didn’t make it, but somehow we managed stay dry.”

Here are some pictures from the day and well done for achieving 4th place and gaining the ‘Team Award’….


1st place – 6 in a cardboard boat!

2nd place – 11 year old Darius in father & son built boat

3rd place  – an incredible sailing boat built by sailing club members

4th place – the Green Ninja!

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