Protect Carbon-rich Habitats

World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Programme.

The effects of the climate crisis are evident for all to see, but World Land Trust (WLT) Carbon Balanced programme is part of the solution.

Land purchase is both the ultimate protection for biodiversity and one of the most effective ways of tackling climate change.

Currently, 15% of land on Earth is protected. This figure needs to jump to 50%, scientists say, if we are to reverse biodiversity loss and stabilise our climate. This “Global Safety Net” is made up of proposed and pre-existing protected areas all over the world, chosen for their carbon storage capacity and rich species assemblages.

All nature reserves serve as effective countermeasures against climate change – but that’s not all. A well-balanced and thriving ecosystem supplies clean air and water, ensures soil health and fertility, facilitates plant pollination, and supports the recovery of endangered species.

Supporting Forest Protection

Since 2016, Impress Print Services has been a Carbon Balanced Printer, supporting World Land Trust’s vital forest protection activities in Khe Nuoc Trong, Vietnam. Through WLT Partners, Carbon Balanced Printers and users the WLT so far, have offset a fantastic total of over 250,000 tonnes of CO2e.

Expanded Carbon Balanced Portfolio

Due to increasing demand, the programme’s activities have now expanded, bringing huge additional benefit and funding to WLT’s other projects around the world.

The Carbon Balanced programme funding supporting by Impress is now shared across high quality REDD+ programmes in Vietnam, Mexico, and Ecuador. These projects are managed in partnership with WLT’s local ecological partners in countries dense in carbon sequestration and rich in both carbon and biodiversity.

Dong Chau–Khe Nuoc Trong Forest
Promoting ecosystem connectivity in Nangaritza
Biodiverse CO2 in Xilitla

World Land Trust Carbon Specialists

Following international carbon standards and methodologies, the project design, development, and implementation of the WLT carbon projects are driven by science, verifiable and robust, and remain adaptive to ensure long-term success.  All the forest protection and restoration projects have measurable, long-term local community benefits, a positive climate impact, and significant biodiversity conservation value – including high-quality REDD+ outcomes.

Locking up carbon

Impress choose to invest in intact habitats so WLT partners can undertake forest restoration to ensure the ecosystem is as healthy as possible. Indigenous and community managed lands are often under pressure from agriculture, wildfires, logging, poaching and development – all acts that degrade forest landscapes.

Protecting these threatened habitats, through recognised avoided deforestation and degradation activities, means carbon can remain locked in forest biomass and trees can continue to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

Help protect forests rich in biodiversity by choosing Carbon Balanced Print.


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