Stopping Misleading Anti-Print Messages!

Across Europe, instances of brands and organisations Greenwashing are increasing, encouraging their customers to move online for cost purposes, using the environment as an excuse and their reason for wanting to switch them to digital communications.

To date, the TwoSides global Anti-Greenwash campaign has successfully influenced 655 European organisations (1,006 globally) to change or remove misleading messages relating to print and paper.  Messages such as “Go online and save trees”, which imply that going digital has a benefit for the environment, are extremely damaging to our industry.  We work hard to ensure brands understand the environmental credentials of print, paper and paper packaging.

In Europe in 2022, the TwoSides Campaign was successful in removing Greenwashing messages from 108 European companies.

Share positive facts

Impress Print Services partners with TwoSides to proactively engage with our community to support and share positive facts about print, paper and paper packaging.

We have tools and resources available to help explain the sustainable nature of our products and industry including our popular Myths and Facts booklet, covering the 8 key myths about paper, and a series of fact sheets including one specifically on Greenwashing, “Go Green, Go Paperless” messages are misleading.

If you come across any instances of Greenwash

Please report them to:


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