Impress installs large solar panel energy roof

An eco-friendly factory with eco-friendly print communications.

Impress Print Services are delighted to announce we have just installed a large array of solar panels at our factory and offices in Hersham, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.  It’s the 21st June, Midsummers day, the time when the sun achieves its highest arc, and we are ready to soak up the energy!

The 330 solar panels are located on the roof of our main office and lithographic print building to produce electricity from the sunlight. The onsite solar power can generate over 100 megawatts or 102,148 kilowatt hours of clean energy, which has the environmental benefit equal to the carbon sequestered by nearly 30 average homes every year.

This renewable solar energy generated makes us more sustainably efficient to power our printing equipment, our lighting and electric vehicles.  We also have plans to install an integrated battery storage system, this means we will subsequently be able to capture the energy for use whenever we need it.

The future depends on the sustainable work we do today.

As an environmental printer we constantly work to increase our efficiency and capacity to deliver the highest sustainability standards, reducing our carbon footprint and reducing waste. Our total carbon reduction is -21.7%, 256.6 tonnes CO2e in 4 years, a fantastic achievement. We are hoping solar energy will help us smash our next reduction target of -5%, 12.8 Tonnes CO2e this year!

Impress Print Services are recognised as one of the UK’s most sustainable printing companies, we are super proud to have been awarded for industry environmental awards and accreditations.  Adding further clean sustainable initiatives to our business continues the journey to help our planet and drive continuous positive change through our actions, people and reach.

Solar energy is just one further of several more steps we are taking in this ‘Decade of Action’, we have 10 years to transform our world!

“Congratulations to Impress Print Services on such a fantastic initiative. Building on-site solar capacity is a fantastic achievement, taking the team’s sustainability policy to the next level. Impress has a strong track record of cutting carbon, and these solar panels are a natural next step in the company’s sustainability journey.

Steve Malkin, Founder and CEO of Planet Mark


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