What Direct Mail can offer you at this time

Mail to our front door is a trusted channel for important messaging.

During Lockdown with people stuck at home, mail, letters and parcels have been given more time and attention and a welcome break from our digital lives.

We have been reminded that mail to our front door is a trusted channel for important messaging, targeted to different areas and hard to reach audiences. It also integrates with other media, making messages stronger and more memorable.


Mail will continue to support brands as they move forward beyond COVID-19. Your business may have acquired new customers, you may have lost customers, you may have customers who felt abandoned, every company and brand will be different.

Impress Print Services are here to support you. Maybe sending out a welcome pack can set out the benefits of a new relationship, a ‘thank you’ can go a long way to keep your brand front of mind or a personalised postcard could reactivate email un-subscribers.  Mail can deliver powerful support in the immediate and the long term.

Every brand and sector has been touched by the pandemic. The winners will be those that stayed close to customers by delivering the right messages in the right way.

Impress can help…

Team Expertise

  • Marketing Campaign Planning
  • Design Services
  • Data planning
  • Print Solutions

Mailing Expertise

  • Data Management / Data Security
  • Personalisation / Variable Data Printing
  • Storage & Distribution
  • Mail Fulfilment
  • Postage Solutions
Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

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