Digital Printer Magazine features Impress Print Services

After winning the ENVIRONMENTAL PRINT award at the Design Print and Marketing Awards recently…

…we were delighted to be interviewed by Journalist Rebecca Gibbs from Digital Printer Magazine, who popped over to Impress to learn more and find out about Carbon Balanced Printing.

It was a pleasure to talk to Rebecca and demonstrate all the great work we do behind the scenes to ensure highly efficient environmental production and award winning environmental print.


Rebecca a tour round the Impress production premises and we pointed out many of the key areas where we felt our environmental performance helps us stand out, a snippet of which included:


We were pleased to show our range of equipment, installed on the basis of environmental performance, quality output and providing real benefits to clients.  For example, we love the digital long sheet feeder which means we can not only print an A4 digital landscape book, or items such as concertina leaflets or book dust jackets up to 914mm long, but we can save clients money, produce the work quicker and reduce our carbon output in the process!

We spoke about producing special finishes digitally in-house, such as digital gold and digital white ink, along with sensory print – all of which enable a beautifully special finish to printed work with significant environmental benefits over rival foiling or lithographic print.

We took a walk around our mailing unit, set up 2 years ago with the latest camera matching technology for accuracy and efficiency and spoke about the huge environmental savings made by not having to transport mailing work to a mailing house.


A snapshot of our current initiatives, including:

  • Recent insulation including roof replacement to save heat loss and installation of double glazing
  • Use of 100% renewable energy
  • Installation of LED lighting
  • Lighting sensors
  • Installation of energy efficient boiler
  • Low flush WC’s
  • Taps with low litre per second flow rate
  • Equipment selected, and operated for maximum efficiency with lowest waste
  • Lean Manufacturing Processes to ensure optimal speed and accuracy and efficiency
  • Reuse and recycling of materials – We demonstrated the systems for reuse of materials and recycling where re-use is not possible.  Impress even manage to reuse some of their unwanted pallets in community projects and local allotments!


We discussed with DIGITAL PRINTER MAGAZINE, how we worked with the British Print Industries Federation, (BPIF) Vision in Print, reviewing various aspects of our business to reduce waste and increase efficiency, then selected the World Land Trust to balance our residual CARBON FOOTPRINT.

Rebecca finished her interview by stating, ‘It’s astonishing that Impress hasn’t invited journalists in before given that their entire operation is so squeaky clean…’


Following the introduction of Climate Change Act 2008, which was the world’s first long-term legally binding framework to tackle the dangers of climate change, companies have become more aware of the economic impact from carbon intensive fuels and services.  Impress are doing their bit to help their clients meet carbon reduction targets and fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes by ensuring their print is ‘CARBON BALANCED’.  Clients have the peace of mind knowing that buying print from Impress will have ZERO carbon impact.

If you would like to know more about Carbon Balancing your print, just drop us a line.

We would like to thank Rebecca for taking the time to learn more from Impress and writing the feature article ‘Balancing act‘.

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