Summerstown 182, marking the Centenary of the 1st World War

All over the country there are numerous events planned this year to mark the centenary since the outbreak of the First World War. One project focussing on an area of South West London very close to where Impress was born 25 years ago, is called Summerstown 182.

The project remembers the 182 men who made the ultimate sacrifice. Their names are inscribed on the 1914-18 War Memorial in St Mary’s Church on Wimbledon Road.

Summerstown 182 is a fascinating project which attempts to build a picture of this community as it stood one hundred years ago. It attempts to trace information of each individual, build a map, include details from relatives, and bring the project to life through a mix of guided walks and website updates of the history of both the individuals and the houses and streets where they lived.  The 182 were all very ordinary people; the school caretaker, the railway porter, the baker, the warehouseman, the grocer’s boy.  The project is dedicated to writing something about each and every one of them.

We are proud to be involved in this amazing work, and if you would like to be involved too, maybe do some research or can add something to the knowledge already discovered, it would be great to hear from you.

Further information can be obtained from or directly from Geoff Simmons at Summerstown 182

Guided Walks:
Map of where they lived:


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