Impress Mailing House Powered by 100% On-site Solar Energy

Our mailing starts on the roof.

It’s impressive!  Our mailing house facilities and equipment are now 100% self-sustaining, because we are running entirely on solar power.

In July 2022, a further 51 solar panels were added to our existing large solar array.  This takes our Hersham, Surrey site to a total of 380 on-site solar panels, making our clean energy electricity production to hopefully be 120MW per year.

Our substantial solar collection spans across our largest buildings.   This site is excellent, the roof is free of shade for the solar panels perform well and faces south and south-west, at an angle of 20 to 50 degrees.

By the end of 2023 we want to be able to harness more natural resources for our other buildings as well, including battery storage for a continuous supply of energy when we need it.

factory run on solar energy

Renewable energy reducing our carbon footprint

Capturing the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity avoids the need for us to use energy from fossil fuels, making our facilities environmentally friendly and even more efficient.

Whilst the transition towards renewable energy has been gradual, the exponential increases in energy costs means we have to do more to take back control of how we power our buildings.

Sustainability and the environment are really important factors to us and our clients. Through our commitment to continuous measurement and reduction in carbon emissions, our sustainable investments and projects will help us future-proof, both economically and socially.

We constantly monitor how we use our energy to enable us to implement continual improvements.  It’s great to be able to generate our own energy and assist in making significant energy reductions, hopefully saving us money in the long term too.”

 “Using solar power as one of our paths to a more sustainable future.  100%  Carbon Free Mailing Operations is a great motivation for our business and powerful for the direction of our industry.”

 Mike Kille – Managing Director at Impress Print Services

Need help with Direct Mail?

We can give advice on paper stocks including FSC, Carbon Balanced and recycled, paper weights and different mailing techniques.  For example, paper recyclable self-closure mailings may eliminate the requirement for polybags for you, but there are many other ways we can reduce the environmental aspect of your mailing.

Your Account Manager will be on hand to help ensure your mailing campaign is economical, environmentally friendly and you are kept informed of timings every step of the way.


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