“Thanks for attending the pre-launch meeting today, very much appreciated and thanks for your input on all things print / the Impress service.

We are immensely pleased with the completed ring binders that you delivered on Monday.

The whole thing looked sharp, I guess it’s down to the minder(s) who saw the project through the press – they’ve obviously held fit on the run at a good high tolerance, as well as, earlier in the print process, picking up a couple of small file errors on the running sheets which we were able to resolve without jeopardising the production schedule.

So I want to thank all the Impress folks who had a part to play – clearly the company has a well-organised but not intrusive set of processes.

It was also try kind of you to host Paul for the day and invest time in educating him. I know he was massively impressed and respectful of Impress’ contribution.

Please give a personal thank you to Sam, to Dennis and take one for yourself! Without the interface of an excellent rep, the whole thing would have been much harder and perhaps had a less successful outcome!”

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